Still NYC by Ynon Lan

By: Ynon Lan

This year I visited New York for the first time. Throughout my time there I was walking all around the city with my camera. I was looking for a way to portray all the different types of scenery and people that I saw as well as keep the constant energy of the city. I decided to take still photographs and compile them in a video as if they were one flowing motion.

Shot with a Canon 550D and edited on Premiere and After Effects.
All background ambient sounds were recorded on location.

A little more about the process can be found here:
And in this short interview here:

Skyward 4K by Keith Kiska

By: Keith Kiska
Source: presents “Skyward”, a 4K motion time-lapse film that captures some of the most majestic landscapes of America in stunning 4K resolution. Geared up with a Kessler Revolution 2 motorized head and a 5ft CineSlider, Keith Kiska and Kyle Rhoderick spent over 4 years to create this motion time-lapse film.

“This project is the culmination of all of our best nature time-lapses to date. Since we first got our hands on Kessler’s new motorized head 4 years ago, we traveled all over the country for weeks at a time, subjecting our new gear to the harshest conditions we could find, in hopes of getting that perfect time-lapse.”
-Keith Kiska

Read all about the time-lapse adventure here!

Resolution Versions:
Vimeo – 1920×1080 (HD) Seen Above
Youtube – 3840 x 2160 (4kUHD)

If you want to learn about time-lapses check out the class “Shooting a Time-Lapse Movie with the Camera in Motion” with Rich Harrington and Keith Kiska here.

Sponsored By:
Kessler Crane:

Technical Info:
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II & III
Lens: 2 x Canon 16-35mm, Canon 24mm, 2 x Canon 24-70mm, Canon 8-15mm Fisheye
Support: Kessler Revolution 2 Head, Kessler 5ft Cineslider, Matthews BH-30 car mount
Editing & Graphics: Processing and editing was done in Photoshop, LRTimelapse, After Effects and Premiere Pro

Keith Kiska – Creator, Cinematographer, Editing & Motion Graphics
Kyle Rhoderick – Assistant Time-Lapse Operator
Martyn Axe – Original Music Score

All of our 4k footage is available as stock footage for personal and media use. Please contact for all licensing information.
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Special Thanks to:
Kessler, LensProToGo, Rhed Pixel & for your support. Martyn Axe for writing the epic musical score. Kyle Rhoderick for your tireless shooting in the field and members of the time-lapse community such as Tom Lowe, Drew Geraci, Ron Risman, Michael Shainblum, Rob Whitworth, Shawn Reader, Dustin Farrell and Rich Harrington that never cease to inspire me.

Copyright © 2015 Kiska Media LLC / Photo Trekker ®. All rights reserved.

Dubai Flow Motion by Rob Whitworth

By: Rob Whitworth

My first impression of Dubai was that of super-tall buildings jutting out of the desert sand. However, after 3 months of exploration, research and filming, my lasting impression is of the eternal wonder of the desert and the importance it holds for the Emirati people.

Dubai may be home to the world’s most outrageous skyline but Dubai’s desert dunes and historical creek are where you’ll find its soul.

A special thank you to Dubai Film for making this project possible and for providing the extraordinary access which enabled me to realise this story.

If you want to see more…

An extended version of the airport baggage scene, from plane arrival to luggage cart in 4K here:

And also the creek scene in full, the original of this is 13500px (13.5K) across however in 4k here:

Sound Design: Slava Pogorelsky

Rob Whitworth

U U G G H H by Hot Tea

By: Hot Tea

New York City is rapidly changing. The culture and lifestyles are changing with the surroundings and soon what used to be NYC will no longer be. The building on Bowery and Spring Where Jay Maisel and his family reside has been an iconic building representing what New York City used to be. He refused to move, sell and even clean the graffiti on the exterior of his building. It served almost as a time capsule into the old new york.

One night on my way into the SoHo part of NYC I walked by this building and noticed the shadows that resided inside the indents of the walls. Typically my eyes go straight to the graffiti, wheat pastes and stickers that cover the side of the building. I believe for the majority of us that is what we see. It was quite amazing to see past that and see something totally different, the architecture of the building.

After that moment, I stepped across the street to view the building in its entirety. I immediately saw a grid in which to work on and my brain quickly started designing typography. I left the area inspired and new that I had to act quick before the building became off limits. I booked my flight back to NYC the next week and began a week long process of constructing the letters and organizing the installation.

The end result was an installation that non-destructively interacted with the building. Nothing was damaged and was completely removable with simply a “tug”. With simply using the existing architecture and a bit of planning U U G G H H was created.

Thank you to Tony Depew, Michael Boczon, Clark Slater, Christine Reilly, Andrew Pomeroy, Alex Zagey, Nick Martin and the city of New York for being a consistent source of inspiration.

A Time- & Hyperlapse Movie [4K] by Thibaut De Winter by Thibaut De Winter

By: Thibaut De Winter


A Time- & Hyperlapse Movie [4K] by Thibaut De Winter

Special thanks to Martijn Demeulemeester for being my right hand during this periode.

Also I’d like to thank Matthew Vandeputte (aka Tjoez The Moviemaker) for his feedback and the accompaniment.
Check out his awesome Youtube channel:

Equipment: Canon 70d & Canon 50d
Edited in Premiere Pro CC & After Effects CC using LRtimelapse 3 & Lightroom.

Commissioned by Arteveldehogeschool.


Time Coasting by pocketrubbish

By: pocketrubbish

Timelapse I made over 2014. This video represents around 12,000 individual shots and thousands of miles traveled.

The most fascinating part to me is the amount of airglow visible, hence the beautiful reds and greens you see in the night skies.

All shots containing movement were done with a jib/dolly/pan head I built and by an Arduino and software I (poorly) wrote.

I used a Canon 6d with a Rokinon 14mm 2.8 Cine for most of the shots but a few were done with my Canon 1100D + Tokina 11-16 2.8.

Post processing was kept to a minimal, mostly color correction/levels/cropping/deflickering.

Locations by order of appearance:

Salton Sea from Julian, CA
Eureka Dunes, Death Valley National Park
Fonts Point, Anza Borrego Desert State Park
Vista Del Malpais, Anza Borrego Desert State Park
Trona Pinnacles
Eureka Dunes, Death Valley National Park
Grandview Campground, White Mountain, CA
Eureka Dunes, Death Valley National Park
Pine Mountain Club, CA
Mahogany Flats (near Telescope Peak) Death Valley National Park
White Mountains, CA
Wind Caves, Anza Borrego Desert State Park
Fonts Point, Anza Borrego
Fish Creek, Anza Borrego
Joshua Tree National Park (credits)

Music is from a local TV weatherman.