What inspires me

This blog is a repository for items/ideas/links that I find inspiring/interesting. I have a lot of links saved up over the last few weeks and I will be including them all in this one post.

What inspires you?

15 Amazing Time-lapse Videos

One of the Time-Lapse Videos from the above list.
Midnight Sun | Iceland on Vimeo

How Inventors Turn Their Ideas Into Photo Products
An article from PDN about how ShootQ, Shootsac, and The Lightsphere got started.

After reading about Sony’s Stereo 3D Commercial “Two Worlds” Shot At 2500 FPS on Fstoppers | Video Blog for Creative Professionals, I followed a link to to the production companies website, Spy Films. Below is one of their earlier projects, Nuit Blanche.

Behind the Scenes
Making Of Nuit Blanche on Vimeo

Final Version
Nuit Blanche on Vimeo

Another Time-Lapse video that captures an amazing display of nature.
Lightning Storm Timelapse Video Jupiter Beach Florida – Blog – StormVisuals.com

Chase Jarvis is an inspiration to many photographers and this blog post is another example of what’s behind his passion.
10 Things Every Photographer or Creative Person Must Learn | Chase Jarvis Blog

I love dance and dancing and everything about this form of physical self-expression. I love how this video showcases different dance styles and different people. Dance can be whatever you want it to be.
Stanton Warriors ‘Turn Me Up Some’ on Vimeo

There are a lot of these Fifty People One Question. videos on You Tube. When you have a moment, head on over and watch a few. Below is one example, answering the question, “What is your favorite memory?”
Fifty People, One Question – CHICAGO – YouTube

Dance video of Nonstop AKA Marquese Scott

Concept and Portrait Photography by Aurum Light Studio. I appreciate the collaborative effort that it took to bring the below photo shoot to reality. Check out the behind the scenes video below, or head over to their blog to see the final results.
THE TRIAL – AurumLight – BehindTheScenes on Vimeo

After reading Crush It! a Gary Vaynerchuk book I have been thinking about changing business models and whether businesses will need to change to fit into this new model. Here is a link to an article discussing whether architecture is still an industry to get into.
Is it too late to get out of Architecture?, by Life of an Architect.

TED Talks, I could spend days watching all these videos. Below is one that I found interesting. It is a talk by Martin Grunburg, the author of The Habit Factor®
TEDxAA-Martin G.-Why creating supportive habits is the quickest way to achieve your goals

Immersive Contemplation in Video Art Environments by Tiffany Sutton

This essay examines a form of video art — what is called a “video environment” — that calls upon as much as it departs from familiar conventions that are bound up in museum display. I argue that the way that works in this genre are housed in museums enables them to give rise to a form of contemplation, one involving immersion, that is, if not unique to this genre, then certainly demonstrated by it. My examples of video environments make a case for the coherence of this rarely experienced immersive form of contemplation, the value of which, in turn, makes a case for the genre’s further development.

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