SMAPP – 5 Killer Canon Lenses

via SMAPP – 5 Killer Canon Lenses on Vimeo

when we are first starting out its often easy to shoot with the same lens over and over again. that could be because we only have one lens, it’s your favorite lens or because you aren’t sure what to use when, but there are a ton of options and just knowing what’s available out there can help you in a particular scene or project you are working on.

we always stress to put story first and uses lenses that best fit the scene. while we typically carry our faithful Canon prime kit with us we are always looking to tailor our gear to each shoot so that we are able to make the most out of it. that may mean taking advantage of a specific lens property or the size/weight of a lens and more often than not we find ourselves bringing specific gear that could really makes a difference.

let’s take a look at 5 lenses we love from Canon, all of which all been instrumental in our biggest productions over the years. while you’ve likely heard of some of these lenses before, we’ll share some unique applications in how we used it.

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