Simeon Quarrie – Behind the Scenes

via BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTO SHOOT – with Simeon Quarrie on Vimeo

‘Rescued by Love’ was a concept pre-wedding shoot that I thought of after hearing Kyra and Melvin’s life story. I really wanted to create a sequence of images that represented their journey. A few months before the shoot the main visual started to form in my mind. I quickly put pen to paper. The problem was that it was going to be difficult to create.

I knew I wanted to see Melvin carrying Kyra in the rain as if he had rescued her from some danger. The main problem was the rain. I couldn’t guarantee rain for the day of the shoot. If I were outside in the rain then my equipment would ruined. Solution….I needed a rain machine. Renting one became a very expensive option. So I started to scan the internet for ways to create one. I am no DIY king, so I had to man up. The rain machine cost me about £200 in total.

I wanted the scene to be dark and dramatic, so I had to shoot either at night or in a studio. Shooting outdoors at night would be tough as I needed running water and oddly a guarantee of no rain so as not to damage my gear. The option I needed was a studio with very high ceilings, a rig and would be flexible enough to allow running water! I found East End Studios 3 days before the shoot.

A key consideration was lighting. I thought I would go back to my video roots and use continuous light. It meant that I could see light as we built the scene, but more importantly my team of helpers could see too. Most of my team would have little experience but they could see the effects of the light as I called out, “left a bit!” The light would also help me with focusing too. Modeling lights on strobes just wouldn’t be powerful enough in such a large space.

These photos were shot using my trusty 5DmkII with the 70-200L 2.8 IS (MkI). The image from above with Melvin screaming out to the heavens was shot with the 24-70L

A special thanks to VIVIDA team members Marta and Toby and the successful applicants who got the opportunity to come and assist. Also shouts outs to Shireen MUA for the makeup and to

I hope you enjoy watching this.

Simeon Quarrie
facebook: simeonquarrie

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