CIRCUS DEBRE BERHAN • collection petites planètes

via CIRCUS DEBRE BERHAN • collection petites planètes on Vimeo

a portrait of the circus debre berhan in the streets of the city

june 2012

Debre Berhan, northern Ethiopia

a film by vincent moon

circus debre berhan is directed by teklu ‘henok’ ashagir

One can find an incredible amount of circuses all around Ethiopia, in Addis Ababa and in various smaller towns. Although it’s not an old tradition in the country – the circus form is somewhat very similar to european circus – it’s got a very important impact on communities, as they often mix stories about society (violence on women, hiv prevention…) and more straight forward performances.

The Circus Debre Berhan has been formed in 1998 in the town of the same name, three hours away from Addis, by Henok Ashagir and has been touring around Ethiopia as well as in Europe, while performing as well with dutch avant-rock band The Ex and more. We were in town for a day and did a little improvised street performance with the kids, as well as some other more musical acts i will post online in a few weeks.

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