PULSE and The Story of Adaptive Media

via PULSE and The Story of Adaptive Media on Vimeo

We’d recently been approached to make a Kickstarter film for a team who had created a pretty remarkable innovation for your iPhone. They had found a way to use the light on the phone to illuminate your finger, then the camera would detect the shade of red in your lit finger, and from that would come up with a close estimate of your heart rate.

An iPhone app that feels the pulse of your heart.
That in itself is pretty nifty, but they went one step further – they used an algorithm they had built earlier that could take this biometric data and turn it into composed music on the fly.
An iPhone app that feels the pulse of your heart… and turns it into music for you.
They called their concept BioBeats and their team was spread across the globe with Nadeem and Sandeep in San Fran, Davide in Pisa, Italy, and David in London, England. From the first phone call, we knew we wanted to tell their story by visiting each one of them.

Visiting each member would allow us to tell this story in the way we KNEW it should be told – but was a rather expensive proposition, something much bigger in scope than they had originally thought when they approached us.

Do we compromise on the story?
Do we wait until additional funds can be raised and allocated?
Neither was a great option. This story deserved to be told right – and deserved to be told now!

We were stuck…
…and then the phone rang.

Check out our blog – stillmotionblog.com for more on this piece as well as our take on Protecting the Pulse of your story.

Canon just launched PULSE on their Vimeo Pro account, which you can find here

You can find Pulse, the behind the scenes, and other great films supported by Canon on their media gallery.

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