Kickstarter Project – Virtually Famous by Ollie Dale

By: Ollie Dale

Ever wondered how that photographer got 50,000 followers? Or if, in fact, there is any benefit to blogging and tweeting and posting and sharing?

Our project is an Educational Documentary on Social Media, specifically how Creatives (Photographers/Videographers/Musicians) use Social Media to build their profile, grow their networks, and whether or not there’s any business generated from it.

Virtually Famous will interview leading creative people and discuss how they use Social Media as a tool in their businesses. So far we have interviewed:

Philip Bloom (London, UK)
Nino Leitner (Vienna, Austria)

Plans to interview:

Vincent Laforet (USA)
Tom Lowe (@timescapes)
Sue Bryce (NZ)
Leading Social Media commentator Linda Coles from BlueBanana
Mitch Aunger from

Wishlist of interviewees:

Chase Jarvis (USA)
Jasmine Star (USA)
Graeme Murray (NZ)

and MANY MORE!!!

Virtually Famous is being filmed and edited by New Zealand filmmaker and professional photographer Ollie Dale, a Master of Photography with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.

“I wanted to meet these people with tens of thousands of followers and see how they do it, and to find out if Social Media really is worth the effort. From what I’ve seen so far I’m sure many people will look at Social Media in a totally different way.”

Virtually Famous will premier in New Zealand in September 2012, and we need your help to get us there! Pick a pledge, be a part of our project, and save the world… ok, well, our world anyway 🙂

REMEMBER!! Kickstarter Funding is ALL OR NOTHING! That means that we have to reach our goal to receive any money at all! Thank you in advance for supporting our first production!

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