not any colour (another Dubai timelapse?) by Richard Bentley

By: Richard Bentley

After I released ‘Darkdawn City’, I had friends and fellow timelapsers ask for a longer ‘time-lapse only’ version. I also wanted to collaborate again with Athar Saeed: as I did on ‘Dubai III’.

The shots were all graded in Adobe Lightroom, not just ‘selective colour’, but I had to paint out colour around the edges of buildings and remove the colours in the areas which were left…. If you’d like to know more, I will soon add details to my website

Special thanks to my friend Sebastian Opitz for his friendship in Dubai, and for taking me along to some of his favourite shooting spots. Without his help, much of this would not have been possible. Thanks Sebastian!

Kit used:
Canon 5Dmkii
24mm Prime
24mm TS-E
1 x Manfrotto tripod
After Effects

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