Five Days In San Francisco by Cameron Michael

By: Cameron Michael

right after my last project “The Manhattan Project” Bradley and Montgomery ( an advertisement agency) commissioned me to come from NYC to San Francisco to capture as much of the bay city as me and my self assembled team (3 of us total) could, in only 5 DAYS.The work is currently displayed at Union square at the Chase Bank’s new flagship location, all in 4K in an aspect of 32:9

I would have had this work out sooner, but I one, I wanted it to be in 16:9 for everyone to be able to see it in full glory. As well, I have been working non stop for other projects both small and large.

Some of which include:

PBS -“The Gettysburg Story”
Director Jake Borrits:

Secondly, my newly announced Project, and LARGEST ever code name- “PROJECT: WATER” down in Sunny South West Florida. You can follow my progress on that, as well as in general at:

Instagram: CameronMichael

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