ISOTOPES v.02 Mapping Festival 2013 Geneva / NONOTAK by NONOTAKSTUDIO


The idea of “ISOTOPES” is to generate a dematerialised space. The catalyst of the project have been post Fukushima’s atmosphere. This tragedy that collided within our memories and childhood has led us to think about the brittleness of reality. This point of no return reflects the brutality of this evolving world that surrounds us, replacing any individual’s existence into fiction.

Artists : NONOTAK ( Noémi Schipfer & Takami Nakamoto)
Many thanks to : Ana Ascensio, Justine Beaujouan, Boris Edelstein, Adrien Boulanger, Fanny Visser, Will Wires Dardelin, Dominique Peissel, Fabrice Giraud, Fabio Manozzi, Jorge Escobar, Yves Evéquoz, Sougwen Chung, Wengnam Yap, Adi Panuntun, Sony Budi Sasono, Gaz Bushell, Anthony Rowe, Loic Shutter, Linda Cavaliero, Audrey Powell and Walid Van Boetzelaer
Mapping festival 2013 Geneva.

“Isotopes” is an open space which can also be perceived as a prison. At first, the slow and hypnotizing moving lights attracts the visitor into the heart of it. Then, the rhythm and the intensity become continually more aggressive until it generates immaterial barriers: it’s easy to get in but neigh impossible to get out. This echoes the way humans approach nuclear power. First seduced, then addicted by its comfortable energy, humans have become trapped in an unstable situation. The rhythm of the lights and the sounds bring back the connection between the Japanese and their awareness of radioactive omnipresence. Sometimes you can forget it, like the glow of a night light, but sometimes the conscience gains the upper hand, and fear comes back with loss of ground reference. Through the metamorphoses of its appearance, this installation leaves the visitor between what once existed and what didn’t, drawing them into the spectrum of their own volatile emotions.

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