Dubai 28 hour timelapse – re-cut by Gerald Donovan

By: Gerald Donovan

This timelapse was originally shot back in November 2011 and you can see the original, static, framing on this channel. I thought it was about time I had a go at re-cutting it to try to show some of the interesting stuff going on that perhaps you’d not notice if you watched the original “edit”.

A few differences to the original upload. This is the 28 hour version, not just the 24 hours shown in the original, and it’s now run at 30fps to try to get it to fit to the music a little better (I can only add the music after uploading, so can’t quite nail the editing quite how I’d like to). White balance has been sorted out, and of course there’s the pans and zooms to hopefully draw your attention to the stuff going on (watch out for Orion rising!). It still runs the sequential 28 hour timelapse unchanged though – no time editing going on here, just spacial edits.

The very first upload got close to a million views in the first week on YouTube, but I then deleted my original YouTube account because I got so fed-up with tossers ripping it off and claiming it as their own.

Don’t do that again please. It really pisses me off.

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