EP 137 :: Darkroom Prints vs Digital Prints (AdoramaPix) by theartofphotography

By: theartofphotography
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3S6DLQlQL0

In the final episode of our printing process series we will look at the results of darkroom vs digital printing.


We have taken 2 negatives made with a medium format camera and printed them using 2 different processes. First we scanned the images into the computer, prepared them in Photoshop and then sent them to AdoramaPix to be digitally printed on Kodak Matte finish paper. Then we took the negatives into the darkroom and printed them on a Beseler Enlarger and printed them on Ilford Multigrade FB MGFB warmtone paper. In this video, we will compare the results!

The point of this episode is not to promote digital vs analog, but I want to show the differences and recognize that both processes have their place and value. Getting excellent results in either medium takes time and can often get pricey but having a passion about your work and a drive for excellence will get you impressive results in either medium.

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