Pedals Behind the Scenes by JackConteExtras

By: JackConteExtras

Download My EP:
See the full music video here:

Music and Video by Conte

Full Crew Credits:
Cinematography and Color Correction
Jeff Orlowski

Hexapod Built and Programmed by
Matt Bunting

Animatronic Head Built and
Programmed by
Kevin Felstead

Drew Levin
Riki Feldmann
Tucker Hiatt

Additional Camera Work by
Drew Levin
Riki Feldmann

Additional Set Help
Justin Johnson
Jeff Montague

PA and Materials Scavenger
Courtney Bennet

BTS Filming
Rose Oser

Written, Directed, and Produced by

Pedals Original Song
by Conte

Pedals Lyrics:
Hog Pog Vox Wah Ocatave Multiplexer
Big Muff Memory Man Boss Chromatic Tuner
Polyphase MicroSynth Frequency Analyzer
Voice Box Electric Mistress Freeze Tube Zipper

Behind the Scenes:

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