Ghost Pixel Projection Mapping Red Rocks

via Ghost Pixel Projection Mapping Red Rocks on Vimeo

Saturday, September 29th marked history as the first ever projection mapping on the monolithic 200ft sandstone walls of Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. Illuminated by 140,000 lumens spanning across the two 500 foot wide natural canvases, Ghost Pixel Visuals lit up the famous amphitheater displaying custom animation and unique projections catered to the venue. With high energetic music by Big Gigantic, the Boulder based electro-pop duo, created a 4 dimensional experience of audio / visual spectacles such as giant mechanical gears, worm holes to a new planet, dinosaur herds galloping, exploding rock fragments, and colorful geometric facets shifting and pulsating to the music.

Ghost Pixel Visuals, began 4 months prior the event with an array of 3D tests, analyzation of the rocks, and pre compositing animations based on projector placement and angle. Working along side Live On-Line, the Denver based projection company, crucial steps were taken to produce the projection mapping on this large of a scale for an organic surface.

Over 90 customized clips were projected over the 2 1/2 hour set choreographed with LED panels and stage lighting making a mind blowing experience for the 10,000+ person sold out show. The #Rowdytown experience sent the Red Rocks 2012 season into the history books leaving only the imagination of what can come from this new technology next year.

Projection Graphics by Ghost Pixel Visuals (

Projectors Provided by: Live-Online (

Aerial Photography by: SkySight (

Music by: Big Gigantic – “Let’s Go!”

Directed by: John Camalick

Videography by: Auston Wilson, Darrin Wilson, Jason Wyatt

VJ: Tom Ludlow

Project Manager: Brian Long

Design / Animation: John Camalick, Zack Citro, Brian Long, Tom Ludlow, Kevin Kerndt, Burke Miles, Zach Papierski, Zack Shamy, Derek Superville, Jason Wyatt, Josh Thiel

©2012 Ghost Pixel Visuals

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