Kaleidoscopic Time Lapse Skies (Full Version) V12018 by jcmegabyte

By: jcmegabyte
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkxn8ArNUoI

Sit back and trip out to some very spacey views of the day and night sky, as seen through the magic of time lapse and digital image mirroring techniques…

These shots were made from sequences of real time lapse images of the sky, filmed with Canon 5D, S5 and SX10 digital cameras. Each individual still image was reduced to 1/4 of its full HD size and then mirrored with itself both horizontally and vertically to create this full-frame pseudo-kaleidoscopic result. The multi-mirrored images were then made into video just like unmodified still image sequences. The process is very time-consuming, but the interesting result is well worth the effort.

The soundtrack consists of three pieces; “Slap Minor”, “Heavy B”, and “Prophet” – all from the “Random” CD by Technician (yours truly). Album and single tracks available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/random/id416812703

Full artist discography and CDs available at HTTP://technician.jcmdi.com

Note: This is copyrighted material, however, you may download this footage directly from YouTube and use it free of charge in your own non-profit/non-commercial YouTube videos, school projects, etc. The full free usage policy with copyright notice/claim and partner ad info can be found here:
http://jcmdi.com/stockfootage/faq.html#freeusage and
(please read both sections before using JCMDI material – Thanks!)

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