Danang International Fireworks Competition 2013 by Rob Whitworth

By: Rob Whitworth
Source: http://vimeo.com/kwhi02

The only thing better than a fireworks show is a fireworks competition. (Leslie Horn – Gizmodo.)

The event is regarded by many as the biggest and best fireworks competition in the world. The video captures some of the scale of the spectacular fireworks and the excitement of the booming city of Da Nang, Vietnam.

Teams from USA, Russia, Japan, Italy and Home Team Da Nang competed in the event with the Melrose Pyrotechnics team from the USA taking the grand prize.

Epic Fireworks Blog

Many thanks to Global2000 for organising the event and for providing such fantastic building access. http://www.globalcomm.com.my/profile.html

Soundtrack: James Grant – Sweet Ukulele http://sweetwaveaudio.co.uk/

Copyright all images © Rob Whitworth 2013 – http://www.robwhitworth.co.uk
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