A Moment in Time by Capturing Change

By: Capturing Change
Source: http://vimeo.com/capturingchange

This is a collection of my work in timelapse over the past year or so. 2012-2013. Its been a journey of learning new techniques, travel, and adventure. I still have a lot to learn, but that is the best part!!

None of the clips are in any specific order. This more of a demo or showcase really of some of the clients I have worked for.

A few of the clients are:

National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero”
Event Co.
Black Forest
City of Houston
Houston Symphony

Canon 5D3
Dynamic perception Stage One and Stage Zero http://www.dynamicperception.com
Emotimo TB3 Black http://www.emotimo.com
Various Canon Lenses
Tamrac 6x expedition Bag

To contact me Directly: chrismultop@gmail.com

You can also follow me on facebook thru my adventures of timelapse and photography


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