Irwin Wong feat. Mijonju: “I wanna be a cameraman” (Billionaire parody)

via Irwin Wong feat. Mijonju: “I wanna be a cameraman” (Billionaire parody) – YouTube.

This is the second stupid photography-related parody music video that I’ve made (first one is here:

Co-starring the inimitable Mijonju Jones!! Peep his awesome Youtube channel devoted to cameras here:

Hopefully I can make more in the future – it all depends on how busy I am.

Thank you very much to all involved!

Firstly, THANK YOU FOR WATCHING (hopefully in 720p or above)!

**If you want to download the song go to my blog post here:


Director, editor, creative lead, lyrics:

– Irwin Wong ( @irwinwong

2nd Director, color grading:

– Mijonju Jones ( @mijonju


Will Adams

Ade Ogunsanya (

Asuka Kataoka

Many thanks to everyone who showed up / got involved / brought their cameras along!

In no particular order:

Keiichi Kondo (Leica M9)

Noriyoshi Takahashi (Lytro, Konica)

Hiroaki Takachi (Hasselbald 501CM, Canon 5D MkII)

Charles Lacz (Olympus OMD)

Hamish Campbell (Hasselblad 501CM)

Takumi Takahashi (Fuji X-10)

Takuya Imura


Ade Ogunsanya (Pentax 67)

Alani Cruz (Leica M6)

Shot on a Nikon D800 with:

– Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AIS

– Nikkor 135mm f/2 DC

– Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 G

– Zacuto rails and follow-focus

– Manfrotto monopod 561-BHDV-1

– Continuous light by Profoto Batpac

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