Grease & Concrete Vol. 2 by randompkguy

By: randompkguy

Vol. 2 is a video and timelapse compilation of urban adventurers and the places that they explore. These structures and infrastructures are the origins of our comfortable modern lives. Power plants, steel mills, railroads and factories are the grit and muscle behind the scenes that toil away, unnoticed by city denizens. These giants of industry represent the culmination of science and technological progress and act as conduits for our society’s vast consumption of natural resources.

Unfortunately, modern structures often pale in comparison to the architectural magnificence of industrial ruins. Newer plants are designed with efficiency and function as the primary concerns, while form follows necessity.

Why does one explore such places?

The atmosphere of decay creates a unique experience. The glorious architecture and unfamiliar surroundings are enticing. Urban exploration is pure, hands-on history. Urban explorers navigate cramped catwalks hundreds of feet above the ground, clamber over bridge cranes, thumb through faded blueprints and trudge over mountains of coal. These adventures provide a rare and important perspective. An explorer looks at a bridge or skyscraper and imagines hulking blast furnaces feeding on limestone, coke and ore, churning out rivers of molten iron for structural beams. Power lines inspire visions of glorious turbine halls humming with mechanical and electrical energy, supplying the city with its voracious needs.

When we explore, our worldview is expanded. The change of environment excites our minds and allows us to see the world through a wider lens. Adventure is an essential asset to human life.

Never stop exploring!

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