C4 Random Acts: ‘This Way Up’ by Spike Morris

By: Spike Morris
Source: http://vimeo.com/spikemorris

// Short film broadcast as part of Channel 4’s Random Acts series (13/11/2012)

// Directed by Spike Morris & Oscar Hudson
// http://spikemorr.is & http://oscarhudsonfilm.com

In this elegantly simple film, a dancer’s curiosity gets the better of him after investigating a mysterious cardboard box which transports him far away. Must he go deeper into the wormhole to get home?

Music: Apisol – ‘Brasil’ / http://twitter.com/apisol


Dancer / Shun Sugimoto / 
Bedroom Girl / Hannah Spencer



Direction, Camera, Edit / Spike Morris / twitter.com/spikemorris
Direction, Camera, Edit / Oscar Hudson / twitter.com/oscar_hudson

Production assistant / Fenton Fielder
Production assistant / Melissa Giles / twitter.com/melissamaria9

Production assistant / Joe Lord-Jones / http://twitter.com/joelordjones1


Ronan Willson / ELP Film & TV Lighting / http://elp.tv
Holly Charlton / Location manager / http://locateproductions.com
Shot on location in England, France, Spain, and Switzerland.

Making-of video coming soon..

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