Kendama Edit #5 – Zack Yourd by Zack Yourd

By: Zack Yourd

When I first started making kendama edits, over 3 years ago, I was like every other kid you see today, spent hours in front of the camera filming only in my house. Although as time progressed, other people, myself included, realized there was so much more creativity that could be put into these videos to demonstrate the good vibes that kendama always brings. So this summer I decided to pick the camera back up and film another edit that would hopefully capture kendama appropriately.
Teaming up with Kendama USA, Zack Yourd brings you Kendama Edit #5, an edit full of style, colors, heights, playgrounds, balancing, pain, success, just about everything that you’d expect after a 2 year wait since his last self edit. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Jeremy Stephenson, Kevin Scheiferstein, and Colin Sander.

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