Black Out Trailer by Steve Katsaros

By: Steve Katsaros

Nokero is speechless about the wonderful film “Black Out” Please watch this trailer and show your support by sharing this important work with your online-network.

Only about a fifth of Guinea’s people have access to electricity. With few families able to afford generators, children have discovered the international airport, petrol stations and traffic roundabouts as unlikely places to revise. They are amongst the only places where they will always find light.

A literal and metaphorical journey towards enlightenment, “Black Out” shows the obstacles these children have to overcome to achieve their dreams in one of the world’s poorest countries.

With the children’s resourcefulness and determination acting as a metaphor for the country at large, the film asks whether Guinea can at last fulfill its potential and secure a better future for its people.

Directed by Eva Weber
Produced by Claire Neate-James & Kat Mansoor
DOP: Mattias Nyberg
Sound: Ludovic Lasserre
Editor Emiliano Battista
Music: Florencia Di Concilio
A co-production between HSI London, Odd Girl Out Productions and Animal Monday in association with Britdoc, Puma, Chicken & Egg Pictures and Rooftop Films.
For more information:
Ph: +44 207 637 3377 (HSI London main switchboard)

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