Calgary Skyline Sunset Barrel Cloud Hyperlapse DTL130724_(DRAFT) by DailyTimelapse Stock Footage

By: DailyTimelapse Stock Footage

I went out to the car to get some coins for the laundry and spotted some amazing thunder heads just before sunset. Quickly changed my mind about laundry and grabbed my camera and rushed down town to see if I could get a nice sunset timelapse. Stumbled upon this amazing continuous ridge above the Stampede grounds (I’m new to Calgary) and just pretty much started shooting what I thought was going to be a test sequence.

Without a tripod, I set ISO-Auto (criminal I know) and got 180 very crisp frames. I had no choice on the high ISO because the light was going fast, so there’s a lot of noise in this shot. The universe did the rest. Even the mosquitoes made way for me and my camera.

Soon as I got home I realized what I had captured and so I put together this really quick stabilization. I normally key-frame all by hand, but in this case I just had to get it out there. I have always wanted to shoot a barrel cloud but never imagined I’d capture one impromptu on a hyperlapse sequence. The synchronicity was perfect.

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