Cotonou In Motion by Mayeul Akpovi

By: Mayeul Akpovi

Cotonou In Motion by Mayeul Akpovi – Timelapse Photography

Area: Cotonou, Benin
Hope you like it. Don’t hesitate to contact me or share my work.

Music: A World of Wonder – Life In Motion (by Paul Reeves) :
Paul Reeves’s website :

– Canon 5D Mark III
– Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L USM
– Canon 17-40mm f4 L USM
– Canon 75-300mm
– Filters: ND2 to ND400
– Adobe Lightroom & After Effects & Premiere Pro
– LRTimelapse

Thanks to:
– My brothers: Boris, Germain and Léonce Akpovi
– Jean-philippe & Anna Boudy
– Jacques Tévoédjrè
– Bruce Angelo Dan
– Eusèbe Agbangla
– Fréjus Roméo Gbaguidi
– Issa Acharaf
– Arnaud Allowanou
– Janvier Ayena, Rama Atignon, Léonel Koupaki & Alban Sekpé
– Benin Marina Hotel
– Guillaume Fogny
– Moulikatou Waïdi d’Oliveira & Viviane Noutchouhou-Gnacadja

Big thanks to my assistant Boris Akpovi.

Please see my project for Paris “Paris In Motion”:
Contact me:

Mayeul Akpovi Photographies –
© July 2013

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