The beauty of Tenerife by Uli Fehr

By: Uli Fehr

Another timelapse film about the clouds and starry sky of Tenerife – a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the biggest of the seven Canary Islands and place of countless national and natural parks, monuments and protected landscapes.

Music by Steve Grams “No Weep” and “Getaway”; Additonal BTS-Shots and Videos with “Swansong” from Josh Woodward.

Watch my Blog: (mostly in german, english coming soon)
Shot during several visits of the island with Canon EOS 5d MII (Sigma f2.8/15, Canon f1.4/24, Canon f2.8/24-70) and 600d (Sigma 10-20 and some of the EF-Lenses). Some shots with Emotimo TB3, some with a simple slider.

Added some nice still shots and BTS-Stuff at the end – hope you`ll enjoy. Also take a look at my first video about Tenerife with mostly different scences:

Feel free to share and use – for commercial use please contact me!

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