ServoCity system – Initial test using stepper motor drive. by MikeA

By: MikeA

Set up rig to ceiling to reduce test errors induced by floor vibrations, old wooden floor. The original DC motors have been replaced by Phidget stepper motors 26:1 (pan) and 99:1 on Tilt / Roll each driving a further 6:1 and 4:1 pulley/belt drive.
Pulleys will be fixed with grub screws and a wiring loom will replace the temporary set up once motors / gearboxes are finalised. The unit will be controlled via Dragonframe for time-lapse / stop motion.
Simple video moves will probably use an Arduino / Bluetooth / Android set up, if I can remember how I did it.
First to sort out if backlash will cause practical problems with repeatability and smooth roll/tilt movement, the Canon 24-105 lens certainly is with the latter.
** Roll bar not set horizontal before test……Oops.
Progress will be slow due to the Summer weather being most UN-British 😉

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