Tales from the Grave by nair fotografia

By: nair fotografia
Source: http://vimeo.com/user13046929

“Tales from the Grave”, my next episode of timelapse series is finally out. I have always wanted to shoot the night sky in a cemetery and here landed the perfect opportunity last weekend to do so.This footage was all shot in one night using a Canon 5d and 7d camera.It was one of the most spookiest yet enchanting experience shooting in that cemetery. This cemetery houses 7 generations of the Knudson family. The church and cemetery are over 125 years old. The icing on the cake was the distant sound of a wind chime which was silver colored, hung on a lone tree. The ambient night light reflecting on the chime illuminated the entire tree. Windspeed was high that night and every time it hit the chime, i could feel the chills through my spine..

Try watching it in HD or on your HD TV (Apple TV, Roku, PS3, XBOX360..etc etc..) for best results…Please leave a comment or a like if you watch this video and like it.

http://youtu.be/zYdHZymI38c (Here is a Youtube link to the same video)

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