Amberay by Michael Fletcher

By: Michael Fletcher

Amberay is a haunting new musical composition from my favourite cellist (actually she is the only one I know) Jo Quail. This track will take pride and place on her forth coming album which is currently being engineered ready for our listening pleasure.

As soon as I heard this track I knew what I wanted to do with some recent footage I took on a ‘family holiday’. Yes it was about family so shooting was not the first priority but as no one wanted to get up early with me due to the temperature outside I managed to sneak in the sequences in this clip.

The mood of the track dictated an equally dark edit so I went all Black and White much to my wife’s disappointment. I hope she wasn’t right when she said it should of been in colour. You can let me know.

Most of the slow timelapse clips are sped up C300 footage with a couple of proper timelapses with the 5Dmk3. The very last timelapse sequence was from good friend and brilliant Timelapser Colin Legg. Hes the man when it comes to this stuff and I stole it from him as I needed one more clip to finish it off and I had to use this one. I’m sure he wont mind me using it.

If you want to find out more info on Jo’s new album visit her at

To see what Colin Legg gets up to go to

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