Solitude by Damon McDonald

By: Damon McDonald

Solitude is a time-lapse video that was taken over the course of 5 days in Banff National Park and Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. It was meant to showcase milky way movement from the summits of 5 different peaks, but a fall on the summit of the first peak on the first day changed the game for me. I wasn’t able to record the sequences I wanted due to injury and weather, but I managed enough footage for this piece.
I did not have the luxury of bringing a dolly so all photographs were static, using a Canon 60D with Tokina 11-16 mm. Both backup timers failed as well as the charge on my laptop (using GBTimelapse as my timer). This meant that the last 4 sequences I shot were by hand, clicking the shutter every couple of seconds for hours at a time. This was absolutely punishing as I now had to deal with stabilization issues in post.
To that end, the Canadian Rockies are a beautiful place to find yourself. They bring a certain tranquility and a kind of awakening to your spirit. And, of course, solitude.

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