Race Horse Company: Petit Mal (trailer) by Race Horse Company

By: Race Horse Company
Source: http://vimeo.com/user7269121

Petit Mal is concrete circus: a combination of the tradition of village fools and performing art, where sweat and bruises embroider the skins of the performers. The show has no story or plot, and not much sense to speak of. It does not tell a story, but certainly has its fair share of action.

Performers: Rauli Kosonen, Kalle Lehto, Petri Tuominen
Direction: Maksim Komaro
Planning: Komaro, Kosonen, Lehto, Tuominen
Lighting design: Juho Rahijärvi
Visualisazion: Juho Rahijärvi & Maksim Komaro
Sound design: Tuomas Norvio & Maksim Komaro
Music:Tuomas Norvio, Bob Dylan, Joy Division, DJ Shadow
Costume design: Suvi Hänninen
Production: Circo Aereo, Race Horse Company
Co-producers: Cirko – Centre for New Circus, Comédie de Caen, Festival Les Boréales, Les Migrateurs, Scènes de Cirque

Production has been supported by: Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Arts Council of Finland, Finnish Circus Information Centre, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe, Juggling the Arts

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