driven to explore by Amish Solanki

By: Amish Solanki

At the start of 2011, my wife and I decided to finally pursue our dream of travelling – we sold our home, she quit her job, and we hopped on a plane with just our backpacks. This short trailer features some of the footage I shot during our travels together since then.
Photo images from our travels on our blog

Travel Notes ///

During the two years, we did 4 separate trips, the countries consisting of:
Indonesia, India, Palau, Philippines, Mongolia, Nepal, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and UAE. Most of these are featured in the trailer.

Gear Notes ///

All footage was shot either on a Canon 5D Mark2, 60D or Canon S95 (for underwater footage). Lens choice consisted of: 70-200L 2.8 IS, 24L 1.4, 28 1.8, 16-35L 2.8, 135L 2.0, 45TSE 2.8.

The Canon S95 was housed in a housing with a Dyron 16mm fisheye lens. No external videos lights were used, but I did have a ultralight arm set with a YS-01 strobe (the ultralight arm set helped with camera control for video).

Support gear consisted of a Glidecam 1000HD, Manfrotto 776Y Compact Monopod, Joby Gorillapod Focus with Ballhead X, and a homebrew DIY Slider – I didn’t always travel with all of these items but rather chose a couple pieces for each trip (usually 2-4 months at a time).

Backpacks. I’m a bit of a backpack collector, I’ve taken 3 different backpacks on my trips, trying to find the perfect one. The first two trips I used a Tamrac Evolution 8, second trip was a Lowepro Vertex AW 300, and finally for my last trip (the bag I was always on the lookout for) a Loka.

Before my trek to Everest Base Camp, I wanted a way to keep my camera accessible instead of having to constantly pull it out of my backpack. I knew having to get the camera from my backpack would limit the amount of photos/video that I would be taking. I came across a recent Kickstarter project called the Camera Clip System from I was lucky enough to find one for sale on Craigslist and picked it up. This was hands down one of the best purchases that I had made. If you are interested in purchasing one of their items, make sure to use coupon code: asphoto on their website for a 10% discount.

update: They have recently launched a v2 on kickstarter which looks amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Edit Notes ///

In conjunction with my ASUS laptop, we each carried a 1TB external HDD on us for safety, so I always had three copies of any data, in the case something got lost or stolen.

I had to search through over 3TB of footage to compile this trailer together. It took a while.

Edited in Adobe Premier Pro CS6
Music Licensed by Light Speed by Peter Mcisaac Music
Thanks to Michael + Casey + Danielle for all your help and inspiration for putting this together!
Big thanks to all the friends we made during our travels. The laughs, drinks and stories we shared will never be forgotten.

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