Time-lapse Motion Control with Dynamic Perception – Demo Reel 1 by Dynamic Perception

By: Dynamic Perception
Source: http://vimeo.com/dynperception


http://www.DynamicPerception.com – Thank You! We are continually amazed by the incredible stories you tell using Dynamic Perception gear. We mean it!, we are truly inspired to no end…

A little about us if you’re new: Dynamic Perception provides everything you need to quickly create stunning dynamic time-lapse movies in the thrilling world of motion control photography. At any budget our open-source and easy to use MX2 controller unleashes precise camera and motor control while our dolly slider configurations meet every photographer’s specific ruggedness and portability needs.

We love your comments, feedback, photos and videos! Have a photo of your system in action? How about a video you’ve created? We’d love to share! Drop us a line at http://www.facebook.com/DynPerception or contact us at http://www.DynamicPerception.com

Special video thanks to:
YosemiteHD – vimeo.com/projectyose
Uncage the Soul Productions – vimeo.com/uncagethesoul
PermagrinFilms – vimeo.com/permagrinfilms
Michael Shainblum – vimeo.com/shainblum
Dakotalapse – vimeo.com/dakotalapse
Bevan Percival – vimeo.com/user11743321
Daniel Dragon Films – vimeo.com/istocktimelapse
Milapse – vimeo.com/milapse
Learntimelapse – vimeo.com/learntimelapse

Blackmill – Evil Beauty

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