Evolution – A Timelapse Project by CPPlusPhotography

By: CPPlusPhotography
Source: http://vimeo.com/cpplusphotography


I’m 16 years old and one year ago I started with shooting timelapse, I made my first time-lapse movie “Kals 2012” without success. I stopped shooting timelapses for a while and a few months ago I started again. Especially the last weeks were exhaustive. I went to France, Austria and when I got back in Belgium, every time I could I shot some timelapse sequences. (Ménerbes in France, Kals am Grossglockner in Austria and some places around Ninove and Ronse in Belgium)

The hardest part for me was getting some movement in some of my shots. I don’t have a budget for a slider or something else, so I moved my tripod in all possible directions… Also I tried to shoot some stars, but for my Canon EOS 1000D a milky way isn’t easy to capture. When I go over ISO 400 my shot is ruined by noise. I know I may not complain about my gear, because a good photographer can shoot with any camera… But nobody can deny that good gear is well appreciated 🙂

I decided to assemble my shots into one movie. But, for me one movie wasn’t enough. I wanted something to work on for a longer period. The project “Evolution” was born. This project will contain 3 time-lapse movies. The 3 videos will be edited on Future World Music’s music.

The name ‘evolution’ not only stands for the evolution in time were timelapse is all about, but also for my evolution in making timelapses. This is where the project is all about. Making this movie has been a wonderful time for me.

I hope after viewing this video, you’ll be interested to see “Evolution II”.
The only thing you have to do is liking my page on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/CPPlusPhotography ) for more behind the scenes, updates,…

Music by “Future World Music” – “Dream Chasers”


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