Waterfalling in love with Iceland by GAntico

By: GAntico
Source: http://vimeo.com/gantico


A time-lapse short film celebrating the vivid beauty of some breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, captured in the never-ending light of a nordic summer, with uncommon conditions and a unique color crescendo. The azures of icebergs fade into the reds of martian terrains immersed in hot-springs fumes. Epic cloudscapes painted by midnight sun alternate majestic waterfalls decorated with rainbows. Godafoss seems to show its authentic spirit.

/// Backstage: vimeo.com/80414217 /// Film page & all info: gantico.com/waterfalling /// Facebook page: facebook.com/gantico
/// Timelapse Showfest 2013 Bronze Winner /// Premiered in Madrid on a 300mq screen.

57.000 raw pictures were taken in a month, while fighting against the weather and driving alone for 5.600km (3500 miles). The original route and plan were messed up when a bridge disappeared because of a “jökulhlaup”. The post-production (in 4K) required many full months of intense work, not rarely frame by frame. The research of pure images demanded the removal of an infinite number of tourists, birds, cars and other fast moving or distracting elements.

❆ ❆ ❆

Time-lapse shooting, Editing & post: Giovanni Antico / gantico.com
Music: Rise, by Tony Anderson / the music bed.
Calligraphic titles: Alga & Goran / Sunday Büro / sundayburo.com

For having saved me: volunteers of icelandic rescue team.
For longstading collaboration: Adobe systems italia & Wacom Europe GmbH.
For technical support: Canon professional services / italy.
For guidance to iceland: Enrique Pacheco.

Camera: Canon EOS 7D + battery grip and many batteries. Tripod: Gitzo Mountaineer GT3531 + Ballhead GH3780
Lenses: Canon EF-S 10-22mm, Canon EF 20mm, Canon EF 17-40mm, Canon EF 50mm, Canon EF 70-200mm.
Filters: LightCraft Workshop Variable Neutral Density filter.

Software / Adobe Creative Cloud: Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere Pro. Additional tools: LRTimelapse, GBDeflicker.
Hardware: Mac Pro, 32GB Ram, 1 SSD, 15TB raid HDD, two Dell 27″ monitors and a large Wacom tablet.

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