Made in Britain by Chadchud Timelapse

By: Chadchud Timelapse


It’s been another eventful year for us all at Timelapse Towers – new rig designs, achieving the seemingly impossible and working on some big and amazing projects!

Unusually, I spent the majority of last year shooting in Britain, mainly about British subjects and British people and for programmes with the word ‘Britain’ or ‘British’ in the title – hence the title of my latest reel.

Over the course of a very busy 2013 I’ve worked my way through 4 Canon 5D’s and a 7D – over six million photos taken between them and they now proudly sit on my ‘retired’ shelf!

Credits featured:
The Great British Year – BBC Natural History Unit
Harrow: A Very British School – ITN Productions
iTunes Festival – Rokkit
Human Swarm – Impossible Pictures
Stonehenge New Dawn Commercial – Smith & Milton
Top Gear – BBC
Slow-mo vs Timelapse – BBC Earth Unplugged (BBC Worldwide)

As always, a great big thank you to everybody that has hired me over the last year – you know who you are!

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