HEILD – Theatrical Trailer by Petur K. Gudmundsson

By: Petur K. Gudmundsson
Source: http://ift.tt/1fHyTQi


At last, Iceland´s first full-feature, non-narrative film. It has taken over three hard years to make. 2.5 years out shooting in Iceland, and 1.5 years of editing and post-production. This is by far the biggest project TPS has ever produced. The film has a whopping length of 70 minutes and was set out to present Iceland in a way it has never been presented before, using many elements of higher-end cinematography. I set out to finish the project in 2013 and at 45-50 minutes, but the project grew larger and after an insane amount of work, it became a full-feature.
There are places here everyone knows, but there are also thousands of well hidden places. To find these locations one has to be adventurous or a local, and to capture them right, one has to be creative and extremely patient.

The film is a TrailerPark Studios production and will release in february 2014, first in selected cinemas in Iceland, then globally in different film-festivals.


The film features an original score from Professor Kliq(http://ift.tt/nOcP6R) and additional music from Ólafur Arnalds(http://ift.tt/1fHyTQk), Friðjón Jónsson, Trabant and Mono(www.monoofjapan.com).

A big thank you goes to my supporters, Nyherji(www.nyherji.is) for the cameras, Macland(www.macland.is) for the Apple computer and Davíð Egilsson for added financial support.

HEILD in numbers

3 years
50.000+ km
3 Terabytes of material
95.000 Raw photographs
60.000 $ budget(estimated)

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