Portugal-Northern Landscapes by ptimelapse

By: ptimelapse
Source: http://ift.tt/1f5qcxx

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe. It won its independence in 1143 at a time when there still was a Roman-Germanic Empire in the West and a Roman (Byzantine) Empire in the East. Currently the country is experiencing an unprecedented crisis, but even so, as in the past, we … the Portuguese people… we are able to overcome this impasse and make our voice to be heard. We are a country of true discoverers, that very early launched into the sea, searching the unknown and show those regions to the world. I also found the photo technique and especially timelapse in a way to portray my country and show it to the world. At this work, there are some plans about natural places, including Natural Parks and one National Park (Gerês) whose beauty will be able to call all those who love timelapse. Because the area where I live is surrounded by magnificent landscapes, i decided to use them to make this video. There are almost 8000 photos taken with a Canon 5D MkIII and a Canon 60D. Entire axial movement was obtained, using the famous “Stage One” from the Dynamic Perception (http://ift.tt/gv2QTn). All of those who want to see my work can do that on my website (http://ift.tt/1g8TBKJ). Facebook page is here http://ift.tt/1d7uPdV
All of the footage was made in 4K resolution (Ultra HD 4K 3840*2160), but vimeo only support HD @ 1080p.

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