Welcome to Aspern City by FilmSpektakel

By: FilmSpektakel
Source: http://ift.tt/1f2Wk4H

Music by: Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize

This is Europe’s biggest construction site at the moment. 42 cranes are building a whole new city district for more than 20.000 people in Vienna (Austria). On February 15th 2014 there also was a big event called “Kranensee” which showed the cranes dancing to music.

For licensing please visit our high quality timelapse stock footage platform http://ift.tt/1f2WhG3

Equipment used:
– 2x Canon 6D
– Canon 550D
– Canon 600D
– Sigma 50-500mm
– Walimex 14mm
– Canon 24-105mm
– Pocketslider
– Emotimo TB3

– Thomas Pöcksteiner
– Peter Jablonowski
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