RamperPro timelapse sequence by Aaron Priest

By: Aaron Priest
Source: http://ift.tt/PUwiuX

Someone asked me a couple days ago how well the RamperPro handles exposure differences and deflickering during the day (not ramping at sunset or sunrise), especially at smaller apertures like f/8. So I set out to test it on a tree in my back yard with the eMotimo and Dynamic Perception Stage One dolly.

This sequence was shot from 5:38 PM to 6:48 PM. Civil dusk was at 08:09 PM so the lighting was pretty consistent. My starting exposure was ISO 800, f/8, 1/100 and it ramped slightly to 1/80 throughout the hour as the scene turned to shade (but I also turned toward the sky where there was more light at the same time). The RamperPro uses an external light sensor to track a trend in lighting conditions, as well as monitors the histogram of every photo after it is taken, and will write an .xmp file for every image with an exposure amount dialed in for deflickering and ISO / exposure ramping on the fly. The .xmp files are compatible with Camera RAW, Lightroom, and the latest version of LRTimelapse. This video had no deflickering done in post-processing with either LRTimelapse or GBDeflicker, it’s straight from the RamperPro .xmp files. I uploaded a screenshot of the sequence in LRTimelapse so you can see the exposure differences dialed in to each image and the jump in exposure. The RamperPro can’t do anything about aperture flicker and Nikons can’t do the twist lens “feature” of Canons, but I don’t seem to get much aperture flicker anyway. Likely because I usually shoot at f/2.8 and very wide focal lengths for exposure ramping into the Milky Way or back into sunrise, and not typically daytime sequences at f/8 or smaller apertures where aperture flicker would be most visible.

Here is a link to the LRTimelapse screenshot:

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