Paradise City Documentary – Trailer

via Paradise City Documentary – Trailer on Vimeo

Summer 2010 we ran into Christina & Papi on Delaware avenue in the city of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia. By the time we finished talking with them we knew this was an unique story that has to be presented to the world. Continue reading

Zak Noyle Surf Photographer

via Momentum – Zak Noyle Surf Photographer – Episode 11 – YouTube

Zak Noyle isn’t your typical extreme sports athlete. Considered one of the best surf photographer’s in the world, Zak lives his life on the edge. Continue reading

Night Photography Documentary

via Night Photography Documentary (Part 1 of 3) – YouTube

Night photographers Howie Spielman, Troy Paiva, Larrie Thompson, Tom Paiva, Lance Keimig and Steve Harper discuss their work and explain the stories behind some of their most memorable photographs. Continue reading