PULSE and The Story of Adaptive Media

via PULSE and The Story of Adaptive Media on Vimeo

We’d recently been approached to make a Kickstarter film for a team who had created a pretty remarkable innovation for your iPhone. They had found a way to use the light on the phone to illuminate your finger, then the camera would detect the shade of red in your lit finger, and from that would come up with a close estimate of your heart rate. Continue reading

3voor12radio – Dario Fo – Bangarang

via 3voor12radio – Dario Fo – Bangarang – YouTube

3FM DJ Roosmarijn asked a Ducth choir to make an acapella version of ‘Bangarang’ by Skrillex. She got Dario Fo to sing it in her program 3VOOR12RADIO on wednesday the 20th of june.
If you want to comment on this video, go to: http://www.3fm.nl/bangarang