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Shot by Joe Capra of, PHASED | LA was shot natively in 12K resolution entirely on the Phase One XF IQ3 100 megapixel camera . That is three times the resolution of existing 4K Ultra HD content, and each and every single frame of this film is 100 megapixels. With the latest software update to the XF system Phase One added a new timelapse mode which allows users to easily shoot extreme resolution timelapses. Having the ability to shoot in such extreme resolution allows you much more creative freedom and flexibility in post production, and this film’s purpose is to demonstrate that. You can punch in extremely far into a scene while maintaining massive amounts of detail.

To learn more about the Phase One XF IQ3 100MP Camera System please visit

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Camera: Courtesy of Phase One
Music: “Journey” by Tony Anderson

A big THANK YOU to:
Phase One
Digital Transitions
Chris Pritchard ( )
Dustin Kukuk ( )
Ballio Chan ( )

F L U X by Derek McCoy

By: Derek McCoy

FLUX: continuous change. This kaleidoscopic montage features original hyper-lapse, and footage from: Burning Man, the Endeavor Shuttle transfer, a Cry Wheel circus performance, and an underground cross-dressing club.

Maroon Bells in Autumn by Mike Kvackay

By: Mike Kvackay

On September 18th, I drove from Denver to Aspen to photograph the most iconic mountain landscape in the Rocky Mountains.

I spent a total of 36 hours in Aspen and shot as much as I could. I learned a lot in that short amount of time. Please take in the fall sights of the Elk Mountains in Colorado

Filmed by Mike Kvackay |

Thanks to everyone for the motivation to keep with it